create photography art for people

As a photographer and artist I spend my time taking pictures that tells a story to its viewer. Got loads of passion about photography and making people look their best.

People contact me because of my passion for the creativity involved in balancing light and the world around us for interesting images.

The most important thing for me is that people like what I create and that it makes them feel something.

I have learned a lot throughout my photography journey where I have taken thousands and thousands of photos, many from different countries of the world. Some are even selfies haha! In my first years as a professional photographer I spent most of my time shooting in natural light.

An introduction should have enough detail to show breadth, depth, detail of the topic without an excess of information leaving the viewer bored.

I want to map out my thoughts and work in a very visual way, so a blog post might become thoughts about the life of a unit in school photo form.

Many of the amazing works are listed in this new website, here are some of them Portrait Landscape Cityscape Music