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Always loved food as much as I love photography. Indeed they are two of my favourite things. 
Fascinated with the artistic composition of the dishes and want to get creative in styling the dish, while at the same time perfecting the techniques of taking high quality photos.
The goal is to shoot images full of vibrant colours and flavours whenever possible, I even collect foodie paraphernalia on my wall just so that each time I look up at it, the creativity feels that much closer!


As a freelance photographer, helping companies communicate their food offerings through stunning images is the number one priority.
Seeing is believing. Creating lovely artistic imagery of the food, combined with some compelling writing, will help trigger hunger for all buyers present at the scout meeting and beyond, in places you never thought possible.
Photos do not tell a story if they are just accompanying illustratives and recipes to explain the point. It needs food for the soul, therefore capturing an image of what your taste buds will be indulging on is most essential.


I like to work with food, its smell and taste, look of it and its different textures was what first attracted me when I was a child.
I do love to experience the wonderful taste and feel of great food when I’m out with friends or over seas exploring culinary cultures.
As a chef de partie, I got the opportunity to learn this work professionally as I worked in London part time at a few busy places for a few years.

I worked with a few food brands and restaurants in the past as a photographer and I will post my work on this website soon so stay tuned.
Drone photography portfolio coming soon as well